Testimony Of
Dipali Namasudra

Dipali Namasudra is about 39, married to Promud Namasudra and lives in Padmarpar village in Karimganj, Assam. Her father’s family has lived in the same village for generations. During her trial at the Foreigners’ Tribunal, she submitted electoral rolls of 1966 and 1970 where her father's name was listed. Her name was on the voters' lists of 1997, 2005 and other relevant years.

But in the judgment, to her astonishment, Dipali found that the Foreigners’ Tribunal member K.K. Gupta had falsely and illegally stated in the last para of his opinion and order, that Dipali had admitted that she was an illegal immigrant but since she is Hindu by religion and has entered India because of religious persecution, she should not be deported.

There is no record that she made that plea. In fact, there is no scope of making such a plea at the Foreigners’ Tribunal. Dipali filed a writ petition before the Guwahati High Court and then before the Supreme Court but her petition has been rejected in both places.